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Spare Parts

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- Provide all kind of stainless-steel impellers and provide necessary moulds for them and making final finish.
- Providing stainless- steel flanges of all shapes, dimensions and diameters.
- Providing industrial accessories, especially for plants and factories, that are precisely manufactured and have the same specifications of the original ones.
- Providing accessories for wells maintenance.
- Non-return valves of different measurements made of stainless steel.
- Pump top outlet of different measurements and dimensions made of stainless- steel.
- Providing bearing housing for all kinds of submersible Motors made of stainless steel.

The following submersible Motor bearing housing are available in the company:

- Ground Foss submersible Motors 6″ + 8″
- Franklin submersible Motors 6″ + 8″
- pleuger submersible Motors 6″ + 8″

We are ready to provide any kind of submersible Motors bearing housing of high specifications and as requested.