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  • Selling small submersible pumps with flow rate less than 10m3\h, we offer different brands with all sizes and power ratings.
  • For pumps with flow rate of 15m3/h-300m3/h, priority is given to Orient Pumps due to their distinct output, high quality of manufacturing, and the big difference prices between these pumps and their European and Asian counterparts.
  • There are maintenance center that render instant and efficient services, together with giving technical support and spare parts at deliberate prices, with three years’ guarantee.
  • These facilities will be of great benefit to the owners of agricultural plants, factories and projects.
  • Selling monophase or multiphase horizontal pumps, of different pressures, of all sizes and capacities, and of the best brands.
  • We are also able to provide local-made pumps, excellent and at good prices.
  • The company depends on three international companies for supplying its pumps with electrical submersible Motors which include:
    • Hitachi; Japanese submersible Motors.
    • Franklin; German submersible Motors.
    • Grundfos submersible Motors.
  • It is also possible to provide any other brands upon the customer’s request.
  • Providing all kinds of spare parts needed for maintaining submersible pumps and submersible Motors.
  • The company Provide high-tech UPVC pipes in different sizes made in India with long time guarantee which considered a viable solution for many factories and agriculture projects problems.
  • Also our company provide a stainless-steel links between pump and pipe.