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6 inch pumps

Orient Submersible Pumps "6

- The pump is made entirely of high quality 304 corrosion-resistant stainless steel
- The pump shaft is made of high tensile 304 stainless steel.
- Designed for high performance, long life.
- The pump body is factory to withstand long working hours and tough uses.

Applications use

- Potable water extracted from deep wells.
- Irrigation of agricultural lands and livestock.
- Industrial uses.
- Pumping water to long distances.
- Mines and springs.

Pump Features

- High quality push head made of 304 stainless steel cast.
- The raw materials used in making pump parts are of high quality.
- The synthetic rubber is made from high-pressure, low-friction brackets and cuffs.
- Custom-made pumps can be made of 316 stainless steel.
- The mounting parts are of universal size to suit any type of engine according to NEMA specifications.

Operating conditions

- The maximum operating temperature of the water is 50 °.
- The maximum amount of sand in water is 50 g / m³.