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Wells Maintenance

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The company has taken care of all the technical and service aspects that ensure fast maintenance within the company premises.
In order to save the customer (whether from the public sector or from the owners of industrial establishments or agricultural or governmental projects) the large costs and damage caused by delay in withdrawals and re-installation of the maintenance well .
The company has set up a special section for the maintenance of wells equipped with elevators and levers of different sizes and tasks with a highly experienced technical staff and training works very efficiently in all circumstances and equipped with the best means and equipment to ensure the speed and efficiency of work and high safety of both well and cadres alike.
The company established a department for the manufacture and maintenance of electric operating panels specialized in the operation of submersible pumps, following up the installation and operation of the project site and conducting field visits for the maintenance and detection of errors and has thus secured a professional cadre with high experience and equipped with the mechanisms to reach the project in any place N and any time.