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Pump maintenance

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The company performs all mechanical and electrical maintenance works for all kinds of submersible pumps and all its capacities. They are as follows:
– Adjusting and changing all kinds of joints (copper, chrome, rubber, Chromium – synthetic rubber).
– Replacement of fixed rotary centers in the engine bed with the best materials (Teflon – coal – copper alloys).
– Perform the necessary balancing operations after mechanical maintenance, whether for the rotor motor axis or parts of the rotary pump.
– The pump is subjected to a hydraulic test that simulates operating conditions in the well and in a special laboratory for that. To ensure the performance.
– Conducting the reconnection of the poles of the squirrel cage to the axis of the engine with a special induction welding machine in case of need.
– Filling and adjusting the dimensions of the centers of the rotation of the engine axis .
– Re-winding all types of submersible engines with the best types of special wires with the availability of German wires insulated pvc and tw German thermal wires for hot water wells and pumps with long working hours