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Production process

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Zaitouny and Zaitoun Company is considered one of a few companies around the world which entirely make Orient Pumps components in the same plant, made of the best raw materials, under the most modern programmed production process, together with strict monitoring of the whole production stages.

In the production process, the company uses stainless steel plates 304 which are received as big rolls in the factory. These rolls are then cut into parts for making pumps. The quality of metal is important for securing the product reliability and solidity. For this reason, we insist on testing dimensions, thickness and specifications.

The company uses more than 500 forming dies for producing different kinds of pumps component parts. These stamping dies are highly technically manufactured in order to ensure consistency and correct parts. These parts require high accuracy and strict exceptions in quality and dimensions. The company manufactures its stamping dies in its own plant, which is equipped with a range of CNC milling and turning machines and with high competence of local experience.

We have wide range of high accuracy and high tech CNC milling machines for finishing the final production parts , all finishing parts are tested with strict tolerance less than 0.01 mm to assure the high precision for our products.

Each pump undergoes a series of tests that are as same as the real working conditions in the well and other places of work. This happens in a hydraulic laboratory built according to the most modern techniques. The test is controlled by computing program to make sure that the pump is consistent with the referential measurements before being passed.

The company has a number of inductive founding furnaces of different sizes and capacities that help the company to produce pumps parts concerning manufacturing or producing spare parts or certain metallic alloys.

This of course brings about high quality, reduces the product costs, and affects the competing price of the final product. Founding process is controlled by a computing system for monitoring quality and examining produced alloys by using updated devices for checking metals.

We manufacture all our casting molds in “molds department” using all necessary experiences in the field and latest technology of casting molds and interior cores