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The Syrian city of Hama is considered the first city in the world to be the first in the field of irrigation techniques and the utilization of river water.

Waterwheels based on the Orontes River. The history of the Nawa’ir dates back to the Aramean era. National Museum of Damascus)

From here, from the heart of Hama, Zaytouni Group started its work in this field for more than 40 years and is currently the only company in Syria, the Arab world, the Middle East and North Africa, which manufactures submersible pumps, engines, maintenance and accessories.

It is considered one of the top ten companies operating in the field of submersible pumps.

The group has obtained ISO: 9001: 2015 certification

The group has received certificates from companies that have used the Orient submersible pumps produced by the group to praise the performance of these pumps

ISO certification

Lattakia Water Corporation Certificate

Hama Water Corporation Certificate

Homs Water Corporation Certificate

Certificate of Tartous Water EstablishmentCertificate of Tartous Water Establishment